Why InvestorCom?

Since we launched our service in 2000, we have seen a number of entrants into the market. When we first developed our service we took the view, contrary to the many new suppliers in the market, that a tailored service was key to success.

Many others focused on providing plug and play IR modules as a means of enabling clients to develop IR capabilities on corporate web sites, but it was clear to us that this would simply provide a low-level playing field where there was no differentiation and a purely homogeneous offering.

Consequently we have always aimed to create tailored sites which reflect the needs of each and every client. Our faith in this direction has been repaid and the tailored approach has since proved to be the standard which all suppliers are now aiming to provide.

Our clients look to us for solutions for the following reasons:

Big company capabilities for new market entrants

Whilst we have clients of all sizes, we particularly focus on new or recent market entrants and enable them to create a highly sophisticated corporate and IR web site capability in a very cost-effective way.

Customer service

We are entirely client-focused. All our people recognise that clients come first and that we provide a key role to support hard-pressed executives to ensure that the quality of corporate communications remains high.

Tailored approach

We are flexible about how we work with our clients. For some we provide an all-embracing solution across all areas of web site design, development, implementation and functional support. For others we create modules which sit within existing site frameworks. There is always flexibility


We handle online systems for over 60 FTSE quoted clients in the UK and a growing European/global client base. We are a leading experts in our various fields.


We do not rely on expensive central London infrastructure, which means that, together with our economies of scale within the Bis-Web Group, we deliver very cost-effective solutions. We work with leading suppliers and partners, such as Progress and Q4, to get the best possible deal for our clients.

Innovation and ongoing development

We develop and build innovative features for our clients' websites. As part of the strong relationship, we always look to suggest ideas, to ensure our clients are always aware of the latest developments in best practice and technology.

Personal relationship

Unlike many of our competitors, we do not have the risks of content management systems for site up-dates. All up-dates are undertaken by our in-house team immediately and accurately. Our relationship managers ensure that there is clear communications with clients at all times so that we can react to issues at a moment's notice.